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Jobs In Saudi Arabia Privacy Policy

Interviews KSA is an online portal for candidates and Employers to upload resumes and to post jobs in Saudi Arabia. We are based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Our main Portal is www.getjobinksa.com but probably you can find some links of www.interviewsksa.com .

The website is operated by an individual. And purpose is to bring employer and candidate on one page and make an easy access to each other.

Account Registration

We are not offering any account registration. Candidates can visit our portal and on posted jobs then can get email address or contact number of the employers. so can direct contact to employer.

We have 3 form on our site

  1. Contact Us
  2. Post a Job
  3. Subscribe Us

Contact Us

Any one who contact us for any question must submit us name and email address to contact them back.

Post a Job

Any user who wants to post some job. he can send us his name, email address and job description. we will verify the job by contacting that employer and post the job.

Subscribe Us

if you want to stay update with all up comings jobs and events you can send us your contact details. Name, Email Address  

Personal Information Access

We do not post any candidate resume or any personal details on our website. we post only jobs detail, in job description we must provide the contact details. like : email address or mobile number.

Job in Saudi Arabia Responsibilities

We are not responsible to confirm your job. every individual have to contact employer directly. We just provide information about the jobs available in the market.


We Place Google ads on our website pages to generate some revenue and keep providing you this portal service free of cost. We place ads on resume page as well. Some of ads could be visible between your resume content. 


There are no payments involves on our website. We do not charge anything both employer and candidate anything if they are successful to get job or to get an employee.

If you have any question regarding our Policy you can contact us on info@getjobinksa.com .